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Grant Zhang 01 Jun 2023

Design & Project Plan

 A Complete Design Process for A Product  01┃Analysis of the design taskAfter receiving the task letter from the product manager, do not rush to perform the task mechanically. The first thing to do is to figure out the specific design requirements on the task book, such as what the real purpose behind the feature update and styling design is, whether it is a regular iteration of the product or a repositioning of

Grant Zhang 30 May 2023

OEM & Customized Production

 Foreign Trade OEM Order Operation Management Process 1 Purpose:Standardize the company's review of customer orders, ensure that customer order information is accurately communicated to relevant departments, and ensure that orders meet customer needs according to quality, quantity and time.2 Range:Regular order operation management process for foreign OEM customers.3 Responsibilities:3.1 Foreign Trade Department: responsible for organizing and supporting the review of OEM customer orders, and following up, coordinating and implementing customer order

Grant Zhang 29 May 2023

Sheet Metal Processing Technology

 Sheet Metal Processing TechnologySheet metal processing is a metal processing technology, mainly through the metal plate cutting, bending, stamping and other processing technology, to manufacture a variety of metal products. Sheet metal processing is widely used in furniture, electronics, communications, construction, automobiles, machinery, chemical industry and other fields. The main process flow of sheet metal processing includes the following steps:1. Material preparation:   select the appropriate metal plate according to the design

Grant Zhang 29 May 2023

Laser Cutting & Forming

 The Characteristics of Laser Cutting & Several Typical Applications Characteristics and Applications of Laser CuttingLaser cutting is currently the most widely used laser processing technology, and laser cutting is used in many fields, such as the automobile manufacturing industry and the machine tool manufacturing industry, for the processing of sheet metal parts. With the continuous improvement of high-power laser beam quality, the processing object range of laser cutting will be more

Grant Zhang 28 May 2023

CNC Servo Sheet Bending

 CNC Electro-hydraulic Servo Bending Machine What Is CNC electro-hydraulic Servo Bending MachineCNC electro-hydraulic servo bending machine is a metal processing machine that uses the equipped mold (general or special mold) to bend metal sheet metal in cold state into various geometric cross-sectional shapes and size workpieces.CNC electro-hydraulic servo bending machine is a computer-controlled machine that uses a hydraulic system to apply pressure to a metal to bend it and form the

Grant Zhang 27 May 2023

CNC Punching: Blanking & Forming

 Sheet Metal Processing Technology of CNC Turret Punching: Blanking and Forming Process CNC punching machine sheet metal processing stamping is an important link in sheet metal processing, CNC punching machine can replace the processing capacity of the past 3 ordinary punching machines, greatly improving productivity.CNC punching machine is a widely used machine tool, there are two types: single punch and turret. CNC turret punching machine integrates machine, electricity, hydraulic and pneumatic,

Grant Zhang 26 May 2023

Robotic Automated Welding

  Robotic Automated Welding Process and Application Part 1:  Welding AutomationWith the advancement of digital technology, the popularization and low price of factory automation equipment, welding operations have also begun to develop from traditional manual welding to semi-automatic welding and automatic welding. At the same time, welding processes using robots are also popularized in various fields, mainly in the automotive industry, and have become a necessary means to rationalize welding processes.In addition,

Grant Zhang 25 May 2023

High Product Quality Guarantee

 Hardware Manufacturing Quality Performance Management & Operation Methods No.1  Purpose:In order to improve quality, reduce defective rate, control defective products, and ensure product quality. No.2  Scope:All product quality related to the manufacturing department is applicable. No.3  Responsibilities:Factory director: approve the quality performance assessment methods, approve the quality performance assessment results, and supervise the implementation of the quality systemSupervisor and section chief: strengthen the management of the section group, ensure that tools, molds, fixtures

Grant Zhang 18 May 2023

Customs & Logistics

 International Trade Export Process Understand the specific steps of the import trade process, and then in the process of purchasing goods, you will know which step is the main stuck and develop a better way to solve it. 1    Confirm order, contract and delivery dateConfirm order: confirm the price and quantity of goods.Confirm the contract: confirm the terms of the contract, the final shipment volume, the price of the goods,

Grant Zhang 05 May 2023

Company Profile

 Grant-Lee Company Profile Grand Ray Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise engaged in the production and sales of hardware products, the production factory is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, known as the "Pearl River Delta Hardware Capital", bordering the Pearl River, Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, convenient transportation, superior geographical location. The company has introduced a complete set of advanced production equipment at home and abroad, and developed and produced a series