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Professional design team, mature production and surface treatment technology, efficient modern production line.

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25 years of OEM production experience , high-quality quality management system & complete after-sales service worry-free orders, win-win cooperation.


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Completed Supermarkets, Malls and Shops

According to the customer's site and building, design layout and exhibition shelf format, improve the carrying capacity and display effect of goods, and improve the utilization rate.

Clothes Stands

The exhibition clothes stands combines a variety of materials, which not only gives full play to the load-bearing function, but also highlights the style of clothing with different materials and colors.

Clothes Mall

Brands are paying more and more attention to brand promotion and store design to enhance brand image and customer perception. The use of professional exhibition shelves in clothing stores not only improves the utilization rate of store display space, but also enhances the style of clothing brands, deepens product impressions, touches customers' desire to buy, and increases sales performance and customer stickiness.

Tool Display Stands

Tool stands are designed with load-bearing, space efficient, display and easy access. DIY structure design saves transportation space, and can be easily installed and disassembled on site without special tools. Strong bearing capacity, strong and durable, high safety.

Tools Shop

European and American big brand tool chain stores have widely used tool exhibition racks, which are durable, strong bearing capacity and beautiful appearance. They're also already as convenient as everyday supermarkets to watch, touch and try. The use of tool shelves can display goods in three dimensions, improving the display space area and utilization rate. It is convenient for customers to view and experience products up close, increase the display effect and improve the transaction rate.

Branded Clothing Display

The series of clothing adopts customized clothing display stand, which can fit the style and tone of clothing, highlight the texture, style and connotation of clothing, and can deeply affect the display effect of clothing and improve the transaction rate.

Branded Clothing Stores

Brand clothing stores attach great importance to the display of store image and highlight the style and taste of the brand. The overall design of the store image has integrated the layout and style of the exhibition shelf. The exhibition shelves with distinctive personality and unique style can highlight the brand's target positioning and style taste, stand out among many brands, attract the attention of customers, and deepen the impression.

LED light Display Stand

The display of LED lights highlights the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, so the exhibition shelf is LOGO with green. Multi-variety and multi-specification light weight, suitable for multi-level display. The exhibition shelf adopts the design concept of light load three-dimensional display to highlight the exhibition effect.

LED Lamp Shop

LED lamps highlight the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, the color of the store is based on green environmental protection, and the LOGO is green, which fits the style of the entire store. Exhibit shelves make it easy for customers to access products and view power data. Multiple products can be mounted, saving storage space


Frequently Asked Questions?

We have been engaged in OEM work, and the cooperative brands are mainly from Europe, North America and Japan and other countries.

We have an experienced design team to customize and develop unique products for customers.

Our factory has 4 production lines, with all process processing capacity, can be rapid mass production, generally 1 week can produce 2HQ containers.

The factory has environmental certification, and the surface spraying material is in line with European and American environmental protection standards, which is harmless to people and animals.

We have been pursuing high cost performance from product optimization design, mass production, and safe use. We focus on costing, but more on quality and safety.

We can work with customers to undertake shopping mall and supermarket projects, integrated services to reduce costs and shorten the construction period.

Lifetime maintenance of all products, replacement of upgraded products and accessories, and even re-optimization of the mall layout.


Client Feedback

  • Execllent!!

The designer understands my ideas very well, can fully display my products, and the display effect is very exciting. In addition to the installation of LED projectors at the exhibition to illuminate the products, it is indeed a great shopping experience.

David Markers Co- Of Officer

  • Execllent!!

The exhibition stand is really great and the appearance is beautiful! Easy to assemble, stable and firm to use, can carry heavy tool products. The matching accessories are easy to use and cooperate well with the main exhibition shelf.

Chicana males Marketing

  • Execllent!!

The customized products are very exciting, the color modulation is very satisfactory, the foldable design of DIY style saves transportation space, and more than 100 sets can be installed more than the original plan, the designer is simply amazing.

Martha Alex Manager

  • Execllent!!

The processing is great, the size control is good, and the parts fit and connect well. The packaging is also very good, and the pearl cotton isolation to prevent scratches is used, which protects the product well. The 2-week time from order to shipment was really fast.

Maline Alex Designer

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