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OEM & Customized Production


Foreign Trade OEM Order Operation Management Process


1 Purpose:

Standardize the company’s review of customer orders, ensure that customer order information is accurately communicated to relevant departments, and ensure that orders meet customer needs according to quality, quantity and time.


2 Range:

Regular order operation management process for foreign OEM customers.


3 Responsibilities:

3.1 Foreign Trade Department: responsible for organizing and supporting the review of OEM customer orders, and following up, coordinating and implementing customer order review opinions and resolutions

3.2 PMC Department: Review the order delivery time, and then prepare the production plan and material requirements planning according to the content of the order

3.3 R&D Department: Verify the feasibility of production for new products in the order and product models with special specifications for old products

3.4 Engineering Department: Review the arrangement standards of all products in the order, the technical difficulty of production, etc., and send technicians to assist in production on the production line during the production process of the order

3.5 Quality control department: review all the quality requirements in the order, and send QC to supervise the process and quality of the product on the production line during the production process

3.6 Finance Department: Review the price of the products in the order and the payment method of the order

3.7 Other departments review the order according to actual needs, put forward opinions and strictly implement the resolutions of the review meeting


4 Operation Process:

4.1   After receiving the customer’s OEM order, the foreign trade department reviews the unit price, quality requirements, payment method and delivery method of the order in combination with the OEM Cooperation Agreement, and if it meets the requirements, the PMC department can initially consult whether it can meet the customer’s order delivery time; If it does not conform, the relevant departments will be organized to conduct a comprehensive review, and then the PMC department will determine the delivery time, and the OEM account manager will negotiate with the customer to change the order delivery time.

4.2   If the customer order delivery date can be met, the OEM account manager will write the “Customer Order Form” in the ERP system on the same day

4.3   OEM account manager will distribute the “Customer Order Form” and “Customer Order Review Form” to the domestic sales director, financial director, PMC department manager, quality control department manager, and engineering department manager for review.

4.4  After the review, the OEM account manager will hand over the customer order to the domestic sales director for signature approval, seal and return to the customer for filing. From receiving the customer’s order to replying to the customer, it must be completed within 2 working days.

4.5  PMC department arranges “Production Plan” and “Material Requirements Plan” within 2 working days according to the “Customer Order Form” and “Customer Order Review Form”, and notifies the OEM account manager of the Foreign Trade Department of the “Master Production Plan”. The OEM account manager notifies the customer by email or fax 10 days before the assembly date while the customer makes inspection arrangements.


4.6  After the OEM account manager and the customer confirm the delivery of the order, they must urge the customer to pay the deposit within 3 days. Otherwise, notify the marketing director in time in order to cancel the “Customer Order Form” and avoid unnecessary economic losses.

4.7  Assembly department, hardware department and other production departments prepare materials according to the finished product material demand plan and assembly plan.

4.8   Before the production of the assembly department, report to the quality control department and the engineering department, the quality control department does QA inspection according to the customer inspection standards and sealing samples, and the engineering department guides the production process according to customer requirements.

4.9   After the assembly department is finished production, notify the PMC department to make the finished product warehousing arrangement, and the PMC department notifies the foreign trade department that the OEM can manage the production to complete.

4.10  After receiving the production completion information, the OEM account manager notifies the customer to inspect the goods, and notifies the customer to pay the balance after the inspection is qualified. After receiving the balance, notify the customer to pick up the goods, and then notify the finance department to issue the relevant invoice.


4.11  Before the customer picks up the goods, the OEM account manager issues a shipping order, which must be signed and approved by the domestic marketing director and the financial director.

4.12  The warehouse department ships according to the shipping order.

4.13  OEM account manager should keep abreast of the company’s production capacity, especially in the peak production season, and inform customers to make purchase and order plans in advance to prevent customers from urgently inserting orders.

4.14   For the improvement items or new special requirements proposed in the customer order, the OEM account manager should report to the domestic marketing director in time, and the domestic marketing director will organize the relevant departments to review, and the OEM account manager will do a good job in the follow-up of the resolution and supervise the implementation of the relevant departments.

4.15   OEM account manager do a good job of copying and filing customer orders, correspondence, invoice receipts, delivery notes and other documents.


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