Tool Stands 02-1 -

Tool Stands 02-1

Name:        Punching  Hole Backplate Stands

Size:           L1000* W530* H2200 MM

Material:  Steel;  Eco-friendly Coatings

Logo:         Screen Printing;  Customizable

Back-board:  Punching  Hole Steel  Backplate

Package:  Carton

Application: LED Lamp Shops




  • DIY type for easy assembly,  No tools required
  • The frame is stamped and welded by load-bearing steel pipe and thickened steel plate, and the split combined design is convenient for packaging, transportation and assembly
  • Punching  Hole Backplate can be freely combined, according to the bearing requirements to choose different thickness of steel plate (0.5-1.5mm)
  • LOGO can choose to install LED spotlights to increase the exhibition effect. LOGO can be made by silk screen printing or film filming process
  • The use of environmentally friendly powder for surface coating decoration and anti-corrosion, safe and harmless. Different color combinations increase the display effect.
  • Accessories: Brackets, Shelves, Hooks, etc


The exhibition shelf has a strong bearing capacity, and different accessories can be used with the exhibition rack, which can display products in three dimensions and improve the utilization rate of store space.

The exhibition shelf is convenient for customers to observe, touch and even try products up close, enhance customer perception, increase customer awareness of products, promote transactions and increase transaction rates.

The display of LED lights highlights the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, so the exhibition shelf is LOGO with green.

Multi-variety and multi-specification light weight, suitable for multi-level display. The exhibition shelf adopts the design concept of light load three-dimensional display to highlight the exhibition effect.

LED lamps highlight the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, the color of the store is based on green environmental protection, and the LOGO is green, which fits the style of the entire store.

Exhibit shelves make it easy for customers to access products and view power data. Multiple products can be mounted, saving storage space

Product Parameters